2/35.- Avignon, Pont d'Avignon


Avignon is a city small enough to be visited in a couple of days, except if you come during the theater festival. The city center can be visited in a pleasant walking tour. You can use the second day to do an excursion, or dedicate the second day to discover the excellencies of the local cuisine.

One of the monuments that has made famous Avignon is the Saint Bénezet bridge --also known as 'le pont d’Avignon'. The legend says it was built by a shepherd, Bénezet, after a mystical apparition. It used to be the only bridge over the Roine river. The bridge was completed in 1185, but it had to be reconstructed several times. Currently only the four arches you see in the photo remain. Although it is not an spectacular bridge, everyone who has heard the children song "sur le pont d’Avignon" cannot resist walking on it.

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