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46/46.- Alsace: Stork

Alsace is one of the places in Europe where storks abound, and in many villages, storks' nests can be seen on towers, chimneys and city gates. In some small towns, the storks have become very familiar and are not afraid to come close to the tourists, who are, of course, delighted to photograph, film and video them. Stuffed storks of all sizes are a widespread product in the Alsatian souvenir shops. The one shown here, however, is real and alive !

This is where our trip through Alsace ends. There are many more things to be seen  and shown, but this is as far as my trips have  taken me for the moment. Someday I may have  more to offer.

But for the time being, our Photographic Tour has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it. 

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Alsace: Stork


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