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25/46.- Alsace, Colmar, Issenheim Retable

The Issenheim Retable by Grünewald. This 16th-century masterpiece is made up of a sculpted altar, onto which open two sets of wing doors, with paintings on both sides. The master of Issenheim has decorated it with his mystical visions, some of which are reminiscent of Bosch, while others are remarkably modern in their treatment of colour and light. The altar has now been taken apart to allow people to view all sides. On this picture, you can see the Resurrection of Christ (left) and the Announcement to Mary (right). There is also a very impressive crucifixion scene, a surprising Nativity scene, and a haunting Temptation scene with outlandish animals and monsters.

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Alsace, Colmar, Issenheim Retable


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