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I am Ramon Granda, I've been your Pinar del RioVirtual Guide, If you want to write to me with questions about this destination email me here!

I am a writer, film producer, and photographer. I am the son of the late playboy-politician of the Batista Era, Sugar Candy de Mantua, Ramonin Granda. A great dancer, a man of tremendous vitality, a source of joy that provided a river of jobs and money to his people and then a stream and then a few drops and then he died. I live in Miami but my heart is in Cuba.

I have included some comments from my self-published journal, "A Visit to Reality," now available as an e-book with updated text and 70 photographs; it is a chronicle of my trip to Cuba in 1996. The focus of the book is the notion that we Cubans are not so different the one from the other. I hope you will enjoy my tour of this fascinating country.

The following photos (in two parts) come from another trip that I made in 1999 to document for myself the area where my family came from. I walked the province twice to select just the right photos and on the way, I met some fascinating people. If you agree with me that, the place is both geography and people, both culture, and monuments, then let’s go on a tour of Pinar del Rio. I welcome people to write to me about their impressions of this tour: email me here!

If you are interested in buying some of these photographs or others that you can find in my book, “A Visit to Reality” please go to


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