3/3..- Vung Tau, Bai Sau Swimming Pool


If you come to Vung Tau to do some tourism, here is a list of places to visit:

The Statue of Jesus, this huge hollow statue sits on top of Nui Nho mountain. From here you see a nice view of the ocean.

Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda. 12 miles (20 km) from the town center, it attracts pilgrims from all the country.

Niet Ban Tinh Xa Temple of Nirvana. the most beautiful pagoda in Vung Tau. It lies 2 miles (3 Km) from the city center, and was completed in 1974.

Beaches in Vung Tau used to be dirty, but many beach and water areas are clean now. Only Loc An, some miles to the northeast from the central Vung Tau beaches, is dirty nowadays. If you do not fancy beaches, i recommend the public swimming pools on Rear Beach.

Well, this is the end of this virtual tour of Vung Tau. I hope you found the information useful.

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