2/3..- Vung Tau, Bai Sau - Rear Beach


The main reason to visit Vung Tau are its beaches. There are four of them.

Front Beach (or Bai Truoc), West of the city center is not recommended for swimming.

Rear Beach (or Bai Sau), is where you have to go to find a place to stay. Hint: if you come here with the hydrofoil or with a bus from Saigon, tell the taxi driver to take you to "Rear Beach" -- not to the town Center, as I did and later regretted. Unless you are coming on a weekend you will easily find accommodation. Close to the beach you will find some places to eat, but for a better offer take a taxi and go to the town center.

Pineapple Beach (or Bai Dua) in the southeast coast is the smallest in Vung Tau, but probably the beach with the cleanest waters. From here you can also see spectacular sunsets.

Foreigners' Beach (or Bai Dau) lies northwest of the town. This rocky beach is popular among tourists because of its calm waters.

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