1/21.- Sapa, Welcome to Sapa!


Hello, welcome to my Sapa online presentation. Sapa is a town on the hills, 250 miles (390 km) northwest from Hanoi, very popular among foreign tourists due to its saturday market. On this day traditional people who live in the surroundings go to the market to interchange their goods. Tribe people still go to the saturday market, but today they are more interested in selling souvenirs to foreign tourists.

Although some guides say tourism has developed so fast in the region that the town of Sapa has lost part of its interest, I disagree. I really enjoyed my stay in Sapa, and I do recommend visiting it. Especially if you like trekkings. The mountainous region of Sapa is the perfect destinations for hiking.

If you want to see some of the traditional people who live in the area, want to know which excursions one can do from here, and want to see some nice pictures of the landscapes in the region, stay with me. I will try to show you all that on the following pages.

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