33/50.- Saigon, Dong Khoi Street


One of the biggest avenues in Saigon's center is Dong Khoi. It goes from river Saigon to the People Committee Hall (or City Hall). Dong khoi is perpendicular to Le Loi. Le Loi is the main avenue in downtown Saigon. It is a broad avenue that goes from the Ben Thanh Market to the Opera house. In this avenue you will find many souvenir shops, bars and some restaurants. Another big street in this part of District 1 is Hai Ba Trung. In Hai Ba Trung you will find many fashion and souvenir shops. This is the posh area of the city. Some of the best hotels in Saigon are located in this part of the city.

Vietnamese economy is growing fast. If I am not wrong Vietnam has the second fastest growing economy is Southeast Asia, after China. This economic growth is visible everywhere in Vietnam, but it is more evident here in Saigon. New companies and foreign investments are bringing huge amounts of money to this economy. New high scrapers, new hotels and new tourist facilities are being built in this part of the city.

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