28/50.- Saigon, An Quang Pagoda


Although the An Quang Pagoda is not one of the main temples in Saigon, I wanted to add a picture of it to show that there is much more to see in this city than the average tourist sees. The longer you stay in Saigon, the more off-the-beaten-path monuments and historical sites you will have the chance to see.

It was in this pagoda that a religious leader was arrested for propagating anti-government ideas. Well, more than anti government ideas, he was trying to promote free speech and free religious expression.

You have to know that freedom of speech and democracy are still taboo in Vietnam. Many tourists do not realize how much control the government has over its citizens. Buddhism religion is tolerated, but no criticism or suggestions of reforms are accepted. "Temple arrests" and isolations are the government answers to these kind of requests.

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