18/50.-Saigon, district 1


Another thing you should not forget when visiting Vietnam is that there are no fixed prices. How much you pay depends only on you bargaining skills.

Just be sure that you state the price clear before buying something. This is specially important when paying for a service (like a taxi ride). Do not get upset if you learn later that you paid too much, just learn from the experience. But you do have to know that by paying more, you are not doing a favor to anyone. Inflation is already too high in this nation. And locals must learn that foreigners are not stupid. We too value our money.

If locals do not want you to pay what you consider a the fair price, just leave. I had to do it several times, when bike-taxis did not want to take me when I offered them the amount I knew locals paid. Even when I offered them 20% more, some refused my offer. I did not argue, I just said my price, if they did not accept, I looked for another one. In the South people are more talkative, but in the North, when they say no, they mean it. Do not waste your time.

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