14/50.- Saigon, Quoc Tu Pagoda Statue


In this photo you can see one of the statues that protects the Quoc Tu Pagoda. Images like this are quite recurrent in many temples in Vietnam.

I am going to give you now some security tips. Vietnam is a safe country for tourists, but as in any other country that you visit, you must take care of your belongings.

Most of the robberies take place by negligence of tourists. There are no areas or districts that tourists cannot visit in Saigon. Visitors should take special care only when visiting places that attract big crowds, like public buses and street festivals. Many thieves will take advantage of these situations to try to sneak their hands in your pockets and your bags.

You also have to be cautious when walking in the streets. Some thieves use motorbikes to steal bags and cameras from foreign visitors. If this ever happens to you, shout as loud as you can. If any Vietnamese can catch the thief, be sure he will.

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