10/50.-Saigon, traffic jam


Now that we have seen the most western side of Saigon, we will take a look at its more Asian face.

The first thing that will surprise you in your first visit to Saigon is the amount of motorbikes. It seems that each and everyone of the 10 million people who live in Ho Chi Minh City has its own bike!

You have to know that walking in the streets of any Vietnamese city can be dangerous. And Saigon is the most dangerous of all the towns in this country.

In some of the big avenues there are traffic lights, but in most of the streets there are not. To cross a street takes some practice. Do not wait for Saigonese drivers to stop, instead, start walking at a slow and steady path. Look at the face of the drivers that will try to avoid you. If you see some danger, stop. This way moto riders will have time to react.

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