2/50.- Saigon, Ben Thanh Square


We will start the virtual tour of Saigon in front of the Ben Than Market. The square you see in the picture can be considered the center of Downtown Saigon.

On our left lies an area called Pham Ngu Lao, with plenty of hotels, restaurants and bars. This is an area most backpackers and cheap travelers choose. If you can, stay away from there. In Pham Ngu Lao, you will only see foreigners. In other areas of Saigon you will find better hotels at lower rates. And, unless you are looking for hamburgers and western food, go somewhere else to eat.

On our right, is downtown Saigon. because of its French influences, this district has a very European look. In this French district is where the best hotels are located. Good restaurants, bars and clubs are also found there.

At our back we have a local bus station. From here you may take buses to anywhere else in the city. Some of the buses that stop here will take you to towns outside Ho Chi Minh. Saigon's main bus station is a couple of miles from here.

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