15/50.- Phu Quoc, Long Beach, palm trees


One of the things I recommend you to do is renting a motorbike, and go on an island tour. As you lie on the beach, or as you walk on the roads of Phu Quoc, you will be approached by strangers offering motorbikes for rent. Many of them are local people who own a bike and work as taxi drivers. -- Yes, Vietnamese have motorbike taxis. Most of these people are nice, you won't have problems with them. But if you want to be safe, rent the motorbikes in your hotel. Or ask someone in your hotel where you can rent a bike. If you ask your hotel, they will also give you a map of the island, or draw it on a napkin, and tell you where to go. You can go to the North, to the east or to the South (in case you stay in Long Beach). I will show you now what I saw when I went south ...

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