11/50.-Phu Quoc, Long Beach, after sunset


If you want to visit the island, you can ask your hotel for an island tour, or you can rent a motorbike. There is almost no traffic on the island. If you have ridden a motorbike (a scooter, actually) before, I recommend the motorbike tour. The island is too big to be visited on a bicycle -- 30 miles from North to South (50 Km) -- , but you can do some nice excursions pedaling.

If you want to visit the entire island, you will need two or three days. Ask your hotel for a road map of the island. Although most of the roads have not been paved, they are in good condition. If you are going on a motorbike, wear dark clothes. If it has not rained for a while, all your clothes will look sand red by the end of your tour.

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