3/50.- Phu Quoc, Long Beach


To get to the island you have two options, planes and ferries. From Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) by plane to Duong Dong the flight takes less than an hour. You can also fly from Rach Gia (South of the Mekong Delta).

You can go from Rach Gia to An Thoi (South of Phu Quoc Island) by ferry. Even though there is a fast ferry, I can only recommend going to the island by plane, because most of the times the sea is not very calm.

No matter which transportation you choose to get to the island, reserve ahead.

Cruise ships also visit the island. I think it is on Saturdays that ships dock in Duong Dong.

If your hotel does not have a pick up service, you will have to take a taxi from the airport.

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