12/48.-Northeast Vietnam, Cao Bang, People


This is a picture I shot on a Northeast Vietnam road. We had to stop here because we had an accident. A local motorbike crashed into our car. I think it was the motorbike's fault. The man on the bike was on a small road, and we were on the main paved road. The problem is that locals do not wait and look for coming cars. They just expect drivers to stop when they see someone in the middle of the road. I guess our driver was driving too fast. He did not have time to react.

First I thought it had been a severe accident. To my surprise the guy just stood up, and run away! He left his motorbike on the middle of the road, among the crowd that had come to see what had happened. He was afraid he would have to pay for the car repair. Our driver called the police. The police came, took notes, and wrote the motorbike's plates. I was told the police would try to find the guy, and bring him. It took a couple of hours. Finally he was brought here. Police asked him what happened. Asked our driver, and in a couple of hours we could leave. My driver told me, the guy would have to pay, but I am not sure how the story ended.

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