10/48.-Northeast Vietnam, Pac Bo, buffalos


210 miles north of Hanoi (350km) lies the nationwide known revolutionary resistance base of Pac Bo. After 30 years abroad, future president Ho Chi Minh hid in Coc Bo Cave. Here, he worked on the Vietnamese revolution, training his troops and developing his tactics.

Next to the cave, there is the Ho Chi Minh Museum. It is a Museum that may be of interest to locals, but it did not tell me much. You get to the cave, walking along a stream called the Lenin Stream -- the mountain is called Karl Marx!

February 8, 1941 was the day Uncle Ho got here for the first time. He definitely had to be a wise man, if he chose Pac Bo to live. It looked like a very pleasant place to hide to me. He did not waste his time here. 5 years later his come back to his country, the Vietnamese revolution started. On September 2, 1945 the Democratic Republic of Vietnam came into being. It was the first communist state in Asia.

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