5/25.- Nha Trang, seafood


The culinary offer in Nha Trang is also very varied. One of the reasons I enjoyed my stay in Nha Trang was the quality of the food. This city is nation wide famous for its sea food specialties. Around the first class hotels you will find the best restaurants in town. In the tourist center of Nha Trang you will find some cheaper options. Some of the restaurants in this area serve western food (pizzas and burgers). For the real deal, ask a taxi driver to bring you to one of the local sea food restaurants. I went to a sea food restaurant North of the city, on the other side of the bridges, with an excellent offer of local sea food. Prices were not very high.

It is also possible to have sea food on the beach. While I was lying on a bed, this nice lady asked if we wanted to try the local lobsters. After a long negotiation we agreed on the price. She went to the local market, bought two lobsters and brought them alive. She cooked them on a small pan on the sand. Although tropical lobster is not as good as cold water lobster, this was a great lunch. If you buy sea food from a local, make sure it is alive.

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