2/18.- Mui Ne, fishing boats


The province of Binh Thuan is one of the driest in Vietnam. After traveling around vietnam, I was surprised to see how the landscape changed when I got to this Southern province. Dry pastures, almost no trees, and even more difficult to believe in Vietnam, no rice fields! The year I was here, a severe drought was affecting the area. Landscapes were even drier than ever.

The best way to get to Mui Ne is by road. If you are coming from Saigon (or going to Saigon), I recommend hiring a private car and a driver. The ride will take 3-4 hours. It is also possible to come on a rented motorbike, only recommended to experts though. For budget travelers there is the Open Bus, a tourist bus that links Saigon and Hanoi. It stops in Mui Ne. For an even cheaper option, there are the public buses.

There is a train station in Phan Thiet, but it only goes to the 9 miles (12 km) away station of Muong Man. There you can take trains to Saigon and to the North, but train schedules are not coordinated. If you want to travel by train, call your hotel and arrange a pick up service at the Muong Man station. There is no airport in Phan Thiet.

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