5/40.- Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai


Although Wat Mahathat is the largest complex at Sukhothai, there are at least a half-dozen other sites worth seeing, many of which we will visit later in our virtual tour.

There are a number of ways to get to, and around, the various sites if you don't have your own car. Some people take a local bus to the historical park and walk. That's doable, but it leads to a lot of hiking and makes it tough to see some of the more outlying sites. Others rent a bike. Many think that's the best way to visit all the Sukhothai sites. If you are a little lazy, like me, or have limited time, you can hire a car and driver. That's certainly the most convenient option, and if you get a good driver, he can tell you a bit about the various sites while taking you around to visit each one. (For what it's worth, the prices quoted to me by my hotel for a car and driver were 1800 baht to visit Sukhothai, 2300 for Si Satchanalai (which we will see later), or 3000 to visit both. I have no idea, though, how those prices compare to what one may be able to negotiate on one's own or through a different hotel.)

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