8.- Samarkand, Shakhi Zinda


Shakhi Zinda a big medieval burial complex (10th to 19th centuries), often referred to as "the Street of the Dead ", gives a good idea of Tamerlane's intention to turn Samarkand into a collection of the world's architectural styles.

Nowadays we can enter Shakhi Zinda through a portal build by Ulugbek (1434-1435) Modest Davlat Kush Begi madrassah (1813) on the right. On the left is a working mosque with an enclosed 19th century winter section and an open summer one built in 1910.

Straight ahead the "Stairway to heaven" mausoleum of Kazi Zadi Rumi (1420-1435) Ulugbek's teacher and a famous Turkish astronomer. First on the right on the top is the Amir Hussein mausoleum (1376). Opposite to it Emir Zade mausoleum (1386).

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