6.- Samarkand, Guri-Emir Mausoleum


The majestic Guri-Emir mausoleum stands out among the architectural monuments of Samarkand. It was built on the order of Tamerlane as a crypt for the Timurids. Under the turquoise lined dome, in the darkness of the underground crypt rest the remains of Tamerlane.

There is a story that is always told by the guides: There is an inscription on the tombstone of Tamerlane that warns not to open his grave. But on the 21 of June 1941 the team consisting of Russian and Uzbek archeologists and anthropologists opened the tombstone and studied the remains of Tamerlane. After giving that information guides usually pronounce one more sentence and keep silence. That is the words they say "On the 22 of June at 4 a.m. Hitler attacked the territory of Russia".

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