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Welcome to Japan!

Dear visitor, welcome to my Japan web pages. Here you will find tourist information to prepare a visit to this country in Asia. Japan is a country that has a good tourist potential.

When to Go/Climate: The best season to travel to Japan is Spring and Fall. Summer can be a little too hot. Winters are cold and gray.

Get in: Narita Airport (NRT) near Tokyo and Kansai Airport (KIX) near Osaka are the two biggest international airports.

Get around: Traveling around Japan is very easy. The country has an excellent network of trains. Especially recommended are the Bullet Trains (Shinkansen). The bullet trains will take you almost everywhere in Japan at a speed of up to 180 mph (300 Kmh).

Money and Costs: For many years visiting this country was out of reach for most foreign visitors. Since the recent devaluation of its currency, and the deflation that has been affecting its economy, spending your holidays in this far east country has become more affordable. The offer of accommodation is quite varied throughout Japan.

Length of stay: The length of your stay in Japan will depend on what you want to visit. If you only want to go to the two biggest cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, a week will suffice. Tokyo is a futuristic city, with a population of more than 12 million. Kyoto is the ancient capital, and has a vast collection of temples, palaces and castles. If you have more days, you can visit Nara and Nagoya. If you are interested in recent history you can visit Hiroshima and its A bomb monuments.

Languages/People: People in Japan are very friendly and kind. The problem is that English is not widely spoken.

Food: Japanese cuisine is varied and rich. White rice, soy beans, seafood and seaweed are the main ingredients.

Safety: Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world.

I hope you enjoy my virtual presentations of Japan's main tourist attractions. Have fun.

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