4/19.- Kanyakumari, Tiruvalluvar Statue


The same boat that took you to Vivekananda Rock, can take you to the other island of Kanyakumari, where the Thiruvalluvar statue sits.

Thiruvalluvar is a famous Tamil poet, revered by Hindus and Jainists. He is the author of Thirukkural, a book with 133 chapters divided in three sections. Section one deals with conscience and honor, section two, talks about realities of life, and section three, is about the pleasure of relationships between men and women.

The statue of Thiruvalluvar is 133 meters high. Tourists can enter into its base, where his most famous work, the Thirukkural, is displayed in English and Tamil. Visitors can also get inside the statue, from where there is a beautiful view.

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