15/17.- Bikaner, Deshnok


In the temple you will find locals, and foreigners as well. When I visited the temple I saw many old tourists who could not resist the temptation to visit such a unique temple. The access to the temple is open to everyone, no fee has to be paid, but it is recommendable to pay a donation to the temple after visiting it. You do have to pay a camera ticket. Outside the temple, you will find a small fruits and food market. Here you will see the colorful clothes of the local women.

In the streets of Bikaner you will find all kinds of animals and vehicles: sacred cows, camels pulling charts, rickshaws, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, buses... They all share, more or less peacefully the streets, following their particular traffics rules. The view of the traffic is quite picturesque. Driving a car here, as almost everywhere in India, is reserved to experienced locals. Even walking in the streets can be dangerous.

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