7/40.- Xian, Mount Lishan, Laomudian


Down the road from the Lintong Museum are the Huaqing Hot Springs, where more than 2500 years ago emperors enjoyed the mineral waters. In the hot spring complex you will find classical buildings with nice frescoes, a private bathhouse ("Hot Springs Bathhouse"), and a communal bathhouse.

The visit to temples on Mount Lishan will take you from two to four hours. Take a taxi from Lington Museum, and tell him to take you to the park entrance. He will try to take you to the top of the hill. Although it is rather a tough climb, I think it is better to walk. If you do not want to walk, you can also take a cable car.

If I am not wrong both temples are Taoist. In one of the temples I could see some local monks. I guess they live in the rooms in some of the adjacent buildings. During my excursion here I met many locals who climbed the hill in order to pray in the temples.

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