3/40.- Xian, Army of Terra cotta Warriors


To visit the Army of Terracotta Warriors archaeological site you can take an organized tour or a public bus. Most hotels in Xian have information on tourist tours to the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses. You can also find information on tours at the tourist office in central Xian.

If you want to go there on your own, you can take a public bus from the bus stop in front of the Train Station. Ask your hotel which is the number that goes there. Once on the bus a local guy will sell you the bus ticket. Tell him you want to visit the Terracotta warriors, even if he does not understand English, he will know where you are going. All foreigners who get on the bus go to the same place. If you do not see any foreigners, you are most probably on the wrong bus. Get off at the last stop. From the parking lot it is a long way to the entrance gate, but there are electric buses that can take you to the Museum. I recommend taking one of the guides you will find in the ticket area, I did not see many boards with information inside the complex.

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