42/43.- Shanghai, Maglev Train


Shanghai has two airports. The old one, Hongqiao International Airport (HIA), a half-hour taxi ride from the heart of Shanghai. And the new one, the Pudong International Airport, one hour from the city center by taxi. To get from one airport to the other it takes 40 minutes by taxi. Several bus lines go from Shanghai city to both airports.

The fastest way to get from the Pudong International Airport to Downtown is by the Magnetic levitation train, or Maglev. Currently, at an amazing speed of up to 270 miles per hour (430 Km/h), the Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train on earth. Watch the Video, and get an idea of what it is like to fly on a train. Yes, actually you fly, because it does not touch the rails. Very strong magnetic fields make the whole train levitate. That is why they call it the Magnetic Levitation Train (or Maglev). The ride takes 8 minutes, and its final stop is connected with the local metro line.

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