41/43.- Shanghai, East Nanjing Road, night


Nanjing Lu should be visited late in the afternoon. As soon as the sun sets, thousands of neon lights (literally) fill the street facades.

Watch out for the nice girls who only want to be your friends. They will try to get you to one of the super expensive cafes, where you will be invited to pay. The bill in one of these cafes can be exorbitant. Not only nice girls do this. I was once approached by an old man, who wanted to practice his English.

You will also be offered to "lookalooka" at fake watches, handbags and clothes. It is up to you, but I would not trust these street vendors.

There is a train that will take you from one end of East Nanjing road to the other, in case you do not want to walk. If you walk, watch out for the train, because following the local customs, the driver won't stop if you are standing in his way.

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