37/43.- Shanghai, Pudong, Jinmao Tower


Jin Mao Tower is open to the public. On its 88th floor there is an observation deck, which is the highest in China. But if you want to skip the entrance fee, you can go to the bar on one of its top floors. To get there you will have to take several lifts. First you take one that takes you to the Grand Hyatt Hotel's Lobby. A second lift will take you to a bar with the tallest atrium I have ever seen. It is almost 500 feet (152 m) high, quite a spectacular view. Two more lifts will take you to the bar at the top. There is a minimum order in this bar. If you do not want to order anything, you are not allowed in. There is a great view from the bar's door through the glass windows, anyway. Bring your camera!

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