31/43.- Shanghai, skyscraper


The range of places to eat in Shanghai is almost infinite. You will find restaurants throughout the city. Things change so fast in Shanghai that trying to recommend a restaurant is difficult. There is always something new! In your hotel you will find a magazine with tourist information. In this guide you will find a list of restaurants. If you do not see the guide in your room, ask at the reception desk.

If you like spicy food, I recommend Sichuan restaurants, famous across China. You should also try Shanghai cuisine, and Cantonese. And do not forget Beijing duck. You will also find Indian, Italian, French , Japanese, Thai, among many other specialties in Shanghai. Prices in Chinese restaurants are almost always cheaper than in Western ones.

If you want fast food , forget about the Western chains, and look for the food courts in the big malls. You can have a delicious meal there for a few RMB. Some of the bigger malls also have proper restaurants.

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