29/43.- Shanghai, Shanghai Stadium


If you want to take one of the tourist buses to Shanghai, or one of the neighboring cities , you will have to head to the Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center. To get there you can take a taxi, or take the metro. Take line 1, and get out at Shanghai Station, Gate number 1. Walk towards the Outdoor Stadium (the first one you get to see is the Indoor Stadium, not this). Follow the "Yesbar" signs, and you will get to the Bus Office. There is an information desk, where helpful girls will try their best to explain to you in English the available tours.

Most of the tours are one day only, and include the bus, entrance fees, and a Chinese- speaking guide. There are tours to the main ancient cities and tours of Shanghai. Although there are other bus companies, the Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Company is the only one that will accept foreigners (or so I was told).

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