20/43.- Shanghai, popular market


Shanghai is a shopping paradise. And one of the main reasons for coming to shop in China is the quality of its textile industry. You will also find all major multinational brands in the shops in the commercial streets of Shanghai. But if you want to go for the real deal, look for one of the popular markets, where you can buy high quality fake goods. From clothes to watches, from sneakers to DVD's, everything is to be found in these markets.

The most popular street market used to be Xiangyang Road Market. The bazaar used to be in one of the most expensive areas in Shanghai. Local government officials said the market was closed in its war against counterfeit products. The fact was that the plot of land was worth millions of US dollars. If you visit Shanghai, a big residential and/or office skyscraper may be standing on the site of the former Xiangyang Market. I am sure vendors will have moved somewhere else. Ask your hotel for the place to go (and share it with me, please).

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