11/43.- Shanghai, Yuyuan Garden, teahouse


One of the nicest places in the Yuyuan Garden is the Hu Xin Ting Teahouse. It sits in the middle of a lake. To get to the teahouse you have to cross a zigzagging bridge. Hundreds of goldfish live in the lake. Feeding them seems to be a popular pastime (click on the image, and look at the video).

A good time to visit Yu Yuan is in the morning. Stroll along the streets of YuYuan Bazaar for a while, look for things to buy, visit the Garden and the Temple; and then take a quick (or not so quick) lunch in one of the many restaurants in the area.

Some of the recommended restaurants are the Nang Xiang Steamed Bun Shop, famous for its snacks and steamed buns; the Shanghai Old Restaurant, which serves traditional Shanghai cuisine; and the Green Wave Gallery Restaurant, with its great location.

The place is very popular among locals, Chinese tourists and foreign visitors, so expect it to be overcrowded, especially during weekends but do not worry, this makes the place even more fun!

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