8/43.- Shanghai, Oriental Pearl tower


The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the symbol of today's Shanghai. It sits on the East river bank, Pudong, right opposite the Bund. With its 1,536 feet (468 m), the tower is one of the tallest communication towers in the world.

The tower has three observation levels. The highest one is called the Space Module, and it is on the top sphere at 1150 feet (or 350 m). This sphere also contains shops and restaurants (one of them rotating).

The second highest observation deck is the Sightseeing Floor, at 850 feet (260 m). It is the big sphere you see in the middle of the tower.

The large lower sphere is at 300 feet (90 m). It is called the Space City, and has a futuristic space city and a sightseeing hall. Between the two main spheres are five smaller ones that accommodate a 20-room hotel, the Space Hotel.

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