2/26.- Hangzhou, West Lake, Stone Pagodas


Hangzhou is a city that can be visited on your own. There are also one- and two-day days organized tours that depart from Shanghai Bus Tourist Office. I recommend the two-day tour. One day is definitely not enough.

If you go on your own, choose a hotel in the city center, and move around in taxis. The first thing you should do is ask for a tourist map in your hotel, and head to the West Lake. Here you should buy one of the full-day boat cruises. Boats visit the main islands in the lake. Take your first boat, get off at the Lesser Hangzhou Isle. Explore the many natural and historical sites, and once you have done that, catch any boat to the next island.

The name of the Lesser Hangzhou Isle (which can be translated as Three Pools Mirroring the Moon) comes from the fact that at full moon, candles inside the pagodas are lit, and the candle light appears to be a reflection of the moon.

In the background you can see the Leifeng Pagoda. We will later visit this temple.

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