10/10.-Chengdu, Giant Panda Breeding Research Center


Giant Pandas are found only in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, and it is in Chengdu where there is the biggest facility in China. The Giant Panda Breeding Research Center in Chengdu is one of the main reasons for foreign tourists to come to Chengdu.

The Panda Center is located 8 miles North of the center of the city, you can get here by taxi or on an organized tour. Most hotels in Chengdu offer tours to the Panda Center.

Tours start early in the morning in order to get there when the pandas, who spend most of their time sleeping, are fed. More than 60 giant pandas live in this well-kept facility. Click on the picture to see a video. In the clip you will see how close visitors are to the pandas.

Well my friend that is it, this Virtual Tour has come to its end. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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