1.- Welcome to the Annapurna Circuit!!!


Hi, welcome! My name is Raimon Bach and I want to invite you to make a virtual tour of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. The Annapurna Circuit is the most popular trek in Nepal. The complete trek lasts three weeks (if the weather is good). If you don’t have the three weeks to complete the tour you can do a part of it: the Jomsom Trek. The Annapurna trek can be done clockwise or counterclockwise. We will do it counterclockwise, the Jomsom trek will be the last part of our tour.

If you come with me you’ll have the opportunity to view some of the most spectacular views on earth and to visit places where there’s no electricity, no telephone lines, no internet: a travel in time. Probably the most interesting point of our travel will be the Thorung La Pass, at 5416 meters (17,700 ft).

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