13/42.- Almaty, Dam


But there is a hidden danger in mountains ... Almaty survived a few nature disasters, as it situated in the seismic region. The most tragic events were happened in 1887, 1910 (earthquakes) and 1921 (mud flow) when the main part of the city was destroyed by flows mixed of mud, boulders and stones. To prevent the disasters there were built the protection constructions on the Small Almatinka and on the Big Almatinka rivers. The first seismic dam 150m height and 530 m long was built in 1966 by the pinpoint blasting above Medeo skating rink. You can see it in the photo. It blocks the Small Almatinka valley and defends the city and at the same time it's a one of the main object of interest. The water of the river streams through the body of the dam by the tubing.

You can have pleasure to go up the dam and enjoy a beautiful landscape of the Medeo valley.

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