4/23.- Vancouver Island, the Royal British Columbia Museum


Victoria was originally established as a fort on Vancouver Island in 1843 by the British fur-trading company, the Hudson's Bay Company. It was concern that British sovereignty over the area would be lost to the Americans, who were rapidly expanding westward, that led to the island becoming a Crown colony in 1849. The colony's struggle to remain British and its popularity as a settlement for former servants of the British Empire meant that it seemed to become "more English than England". The history of the area, from the ice age when Mammoths roamed, its native tribal village heritage with the beautifully crafted totem poles, the fort period, and then the port's importance as a supply town when gold was discovered on the mainland, are all vividly recreated at the Royal British Columbia Museum, rated one of the best in North America. The museum also houses a giant IMAX theatre that can hold 400 people.

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