11/22.- Panama City, Panama Canal, Miraflores Locks


One of the main reasons for coming to Panama is to see the Panama Canal. There are three sets of locks close to Panama City. The best place to see this engineering marvel is the Miraflores Visitors Center. After paying an entrance fee, you get to a museum with plenty of historical and technical information. In the center there is a restaurant and a high level floor from where visitors can see the ships. A speaker gives information about the canal in English and Spanish.

To get to the Miraflores Locks, 8 miles from downtown Panama, you can take a taxi, take a bus or join an organized tour. A bus from the Public bus Station will drop you off at the gates of the complex, from there a ten-minute walk will take you to the ticket office. If you take a taxi, you can ask the driver to wait till you finish your visit.

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