43/50.- New York, Spanish Harlem


The East side of Harlem is known as "Spanish Harlem" or "El Barrio". Puerto Ricans, and other Central American immigrants, live in this unsafe neighborhood. Spanish is the language of the streets. Come here, only, if you like salsa and Central American food.

Most of the people who live here have low salaries, but even so they manage to save some money to send home. While walking in the streets of Spanish Harlem, I had the sensation of being in Central America. It surprised me how diverse this city can be. No sign of the millionaires who live 50 streets below. The economic, social and educational differences in New York are colossal. There appears to be no middle class. Either you belong to the rich New York or to the poor New York. Unfortunately your ethnic origin seems to have a lot to do with that.

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