4/50.- New York, Street in Midtown


New York City is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn (across the East River from Manhattan), Staten Island and the Bronx (located in lower Westchester County). Almost all the attractions in New York City are on the island of Manhattan. In the middle of the island is Central Park. North of the park is the district of Harlem. West of the park is called the Upper West Side, and east of the park the Upper East Side. South of the park is Midtown --where the Empire State Building is located. South of Midtown is Chelsea and Greenwich Village. Further south you come to Soho and Little Italy, and then Chinatown. At the southernmost tip of the island of Manhattan is the Financial District, where you can visit the New York Stock Exchange and where the Twin Towers used to stand.

Long avenues run across the island from north to south. 1st Avenue is on the East Side and 12th Avenue --which is the last avenue-- on the West Side. Streets cross the city from east to west. North of Greenwich Village, streets are numbered. At the northernmost tip of the island is the last numbered street, 216th. Central Park lies between 59th and 110th Streets. Broadway crosses the island from southeast to northwest, thus crossing the avenues at an angle.

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