1.- Welcome to Key West !!!


Let's spend a virtual weekend in Key West. It's a 4-hour drive from Fort Lauderdale to the "end of the world" (the southernmost point of the continental USA) and it makes sense to stretch our legs at mile marker 50.

Across the street from this photo (the Museum of Natural History of the Keys), you will see a 20-meter-long humpback whale painted on the wall of K-Mart. The artist Wyland put two of his "Whaling Walls" in the Keys (the second is a painting of the reef near the headquarters of Reef Relief in Key West, near Front Street), and he painted a life-size manatee in this Museum. You can see iguanas, touch sea life and view models showing the evolution of life in the sand islands known as "cayos." The annual financial support of hundreds of Florida residents has kept the 22 hectares behind the Museum exactly as they were when the Spanish first arrived.

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