15/32.- Port Antonio, downtown, gas station


This is another gas station in the town center. gas prices are similar to petrol prices in the US. If you want you can rent a car to move around. But this is an option I do not recommend. There are several reasons why I would not rent a car in Jamaica. The first one is because you have to get used to driving on the other side of the road --unless you are British. The second one is the state of the roads, most of them are full of cracks and potholes. Local drivers know the roads so well, that they know when they have to brake. The other problem is that you will definitely attract the attention of too "friendly" Jamaicans.

Although private taxis are not cheap, I think they are a much better option. If you want to save money, take local taxis. If you take local taxis, you will also feel better, because your money will go to the people who most need it: locals.

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