1/50.- Welcome to Negril, Jamaica!!!


Hello, welcome to Negril, Jamaica! If Jamaica is heaven on earth, Negril is the place where everything is possible. Thousands of tourists come to this location on the west coast of Jamaica looking for sun, sex and parties. And this is what they find! Beautiful beaches, nice people and crazy parties.

20 years ago, Negril was a small fishing village. Nowadays Negril is Jamaica's main tourist destination. With its 7 mile beach, its amazing sun sets, the cliffs on West End, its many restaurants and hotels ... Negril is the perfect place to spend your beach vacations.

If you come with me, I will try to show you what Negril has to offer. I hope you will buy a ticket to this magic location as soon as you finish this Photographic Tour. Negril is the place to be ...

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