4/40.- Montego Bay, coastline


The coast of Montego Bay is one of the first places where Columbus landed. He called the area the "Gulf of Good Weather". The first Spanish settlers did not come here till the second half of the seventeenth century. Spaniards forced natives to work in their farms, but after the death of many of them due to their lack of defenses, the Spaniards started an inhuman trade: the slaves trade. Some of these slaves escaped from the Spaniards, and went to the surrounding mountainous region, the Cockpit Region. The escaped slaves, called Maroons, joined forces with the natives, the Arawacs, to attack the Spaniards.

A few years later the British took over the place and named it "Lard Bay". In the 18th century more slaves were brought from africa to work in the sugar plantations. The production of the sugar canes brought prosperity to the region, and was the town's main activity, till the first tourists came.

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