13/50.- Hilton Head Island, South Beach, Sea Pines


Remember the sign for the Salty Dog Cafe that we saw on the beach earlier? Well, it’s down here at South Beach. You made it. Lots of tennis here as well. The bike path takes you all the way here too, if you don’t want to go along the beach. After some refreshments, let’s drag ourselves away from Sea Pines and drive over to the Hilton Head Museum where you can learn about the history of the island. Named after Sir William Hilton around 1663, the island was really only developed in the 1950’s when the first bridge was built. Prior to that, access to the island was by boat. Nowadays, Hilton Head is home to some 35,000. In the summer months, however, the population can increase to around 1.8 million. Yikes!!! I’ve been down here many times in the month of June. And yes, it’s busy, especially the main road, highway 278.

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