3/50.- Hilton Head Island, Bicycle


Humdingery doooo! If biking is to your liking, then jump on and come for a ride. The sand is compact, the saddle is nice and big, the wheels are wide and you can keep on- a- biking for miles and miles. If it’s a windy day, bike in the direction with the wind behind your back. Then, on the return, come off the beach and explore the many bike paths that weave their way throughout the island. It won’t be so windy on the bike paths. Bicycle rentals are available all over Hilton Head. The prices are reasonable and generally include free delivery and free pick-up. Of course, it always pays to shop around. Most people who come to Hilton Head spend a week in a timeshare or other private property which offer a private entry to the beach. Weekly bike rentals are great deals. If you’re staying for just a night or two in a hotel, then the hotel will most likely offer bike rental too. Of course, you could bring your own bike.

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